What is new about Amadeus Hotels?

Amadeus Hotels has expanded the traditional booking interface from a pure ‘reservation platform’ to a one-stop-shop for travel agencies, built to drive agency profitability and suit all types of travel agencies: it supports more content, more points of sale and more business models. Amadeus integrates all hotel providers – hotel chains, representation companies, private hotels and leading hotel aggregators onto one single shopping platform with the aim of delivering a one-stop-shop solution.

Why is it important to be able to shop across different providers in one place?

Hotel booking processes are often not standardised in travel agencies. Travel consultants typically shop for hotel rates across a variety of channels: e.g. the GDS, 2 to 3 websites (usually aggregator or ‘meta-search’ sites), proprietary hotel databases, and in some cases agents even double check rates with the hotel directly e.g. by phone or via the hotel’s own site. This is clearly an extremely expensive, time consuming process sometimes taking up to 40 minutes for just one hotel search!

Amadeus provides hotel content from multiple sources to multiple bookers. Retail, business and online agencies can all use the new solution to access content instantaneously, compare results from different sources for the same hotel all on a single page. No need to visit multiple websites, phone hotels and call centers – agents can find everything via one interface, one page.

What is different about Amadeus’ new hotel search engine?

Our underlying hotel database and search engines have been re-engineered to accommodate hotel data and content from different sources and allow the same properties offered by different sources to be shown via a single display to travel consultants. The re-engineered system supports different rate types and payment models. This is key given the fragmentation in the hotel industry and the preferences from different customer types for different rate types, payment models etc. We have re-engineered the underlying database so that it can receive all this data from disparate sources. Then, our new search engine can deliver ‘apples with apples’ comparison shopping via an enhanced shopping display e.g. showing for a given hotel a pre-paid, ‘use it or lose it’ half-board rate from one provider alongside a post-paid flexible rate for room and breakfast in the same hotel from another provider.

What is the benefit for travel agencies?

Travel bookers – whether leisure or business specialists - typically search between 2 and 5 hotel channels to compare rates and offers – often for the same hotel – before making a booking. Often these channels are the websites of so-called hotel aggregators or wholesalers. This multi-channel search and comparison implies inefficient and labour-intensive processes. Amadeus is responding to the request of our booking customers to integrate the content of preferred hotel aggregators to Amadeus point of sale solutions such as Amadeus Hotels Plus, Amadeus Hotel Web Services and Amadeus e-Travel Management.

Seamless integration of such hotel content delivers efficiencies on the upfront search, compare and book processes - where aggregator offers can be compared apples with apples vs. offers coming directly from hotel chains and representation companies on a single screen. This cuts by up to almost 50% the time it takes to complete booking process (Source. Dr. Fried & Partner Study, 2011). The integration also brings efficiencies throughout agency mid- and back-office processes with additional benefits in terms of customer information, tracking and reporting.

Why is active integration so important?

Active integration of hotel bookings means seamless transfer of hotel booking information to mid- and back-offices to ensure accurate and efficient business processes, invoicing and reconciliation, reporting to clients, monitoring of supplier contracts, etc. Importantly, active PNR integration also allows for efficient international multichannel servicing as travel agents can retrieve and manage hotel bookings through their preferred GDS environment rather than having to go back out each time to the individual third party systems that have been used.

How is it different from other competitors?

Unlike other systems, Amadeus’ new solution is tailored to reflect its users’ different business models. Content can be managed in real-time at different points of sale to reflect a commission-based model, a service charge or net-rate/mark-up model, or negotiated rates, depending on the booker. This ensures that bookers can sell as well as find hotel content more efficiently.

Content from all hotel sources is seamlessly integrated into a single format within the platform so bookers can access all their favourite providers through just one interface. The depth of integration means bookers’ search results appear in a standardised format, which makes comparison shopping quick and easy. Sophisticated search algorithms ensure that virtually no waiting is involved.

Competing solutions typically focus on one business model and are ‘standalone’ solutions – i.e. not integrated with end-to-end travel planning systems.

Which aggregators are you working with?

Amadeus Hotels has 1 Million+ hotel shopping options and 420,000+ unique properties from agreements with regional and global hotel providers such as GTA (TravelCube and Travel Bound brands), Albatravel, Amadeus Value Hotels, Bedsonline, Destinations of the World, HRS, SunHotels, Teldar Travel, Travelboutique and Yatra. This is in addition to around 300 hotel chains, representation companies, and thousands of independent properties.

Are you offering exactly the same rates through Amadeus as those found through aggregators’ website (public & private)?

Yes. We have full content agreements (covering rate levels and conditions) with all aggregator partners. All parties work together on an ongoing basis to ensure our partners’ constantly evolving content is available on Amadeus.

How will travel agencies get commissions?

Aggregators’ content is offered at full parity vs. their websites. All the same conditions apply.

If I do not have a contract with the aggregator in question can I still make a booking with them on Amadeus?

For aggregators that operate on a post-pay basis – any travel agent may make a booking on public rates and payment is typically made at check-out by the traveller (deposit also possible).

In regards to other aggregators who operate on a different payment basis – prepay/credit line -typically each agency needs to have a prior agreement with each aggregator which will then be recognised and fulfilled once consultants have registered online. Please click here to learn more about how you can start booking each aggregator.

Where can I find the information on Amadeus Hotels’ solutions?

To find out how we do hotels, please click here to see our demo. Additionally, you can download the brochure here.

How many hotels do you have now on Amadeus?

Our interactive map gives you visibility on total accumulated hotel inventory (hotels distributed through Amadeus by chains, representation companies and aggregator partners). You can browse hotels per category at country and city level.

I want to know more about aggregators on Amadeus. Where can I find more information?

For key information on our aggregator partners please click here and read the Partner Fact Sheets.

How can I activate aggregators?

To book aggregators through Amadeus you need to register. This applies to all travel agencies whether you are already a customer of a certain aggregator or not. Click here to learn about the registration process.

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